Monthly Archives: November 2016

No Consolation, a CONSOLE story by @captainraz

Reposted from here. When the shit hits the fan it’s tempting to hide, batten down the hatches and ride out the storm. Grief hits the heart hard, tears it apart And makes it feel like every beat is bleeding. But here’s the thing: This is the moment where we get back up again, Broken and


The End, a CONSOLE story by @seenitheardit1

Reposted from here. James looked over at the rows and rows of burning buildings on the horizon. It was almost pretty, glowing red and amber against the starless sky. Small consolation. He drew nearer to their little campfire and turned to look at Samira. “You ready for this?” he asked. She smiled, sadly, but didn’t


The C Word, a CONSOLE story by @noodleBubble

Reposted from here. She just dropped it into conversation. You know, just chatting really but the air sucked from the room down the phone. In her hospital gown she looked like a sparrow, trapped in a building she didn’t belong in. We hoped she’d be home for Christmas but didn’t dare ask. The ward was