Rose, a ROSE story by @books1799

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Rose, a famous actress, is telephoning her dressmaker from her dressing room.

“Kenneth darling. You promised to send round that dress fabric sample with the rose motif. I haven’t got time to come to you. I’ve just finished a sodding matinee. I’m exhausted. Now this is what you do. You send that lovely young man of yours. He’s a bit shy but I’ll soon knock it out of him. And put a bottle of gin in his pocket. I’m parched.”

I was that young man. I remember bringing that fabric to Rose in her cramped dressing room. Kenneth had told me to drop off the items and not to linger. But I did.

The dingy dressing room could not conceal her beauty. Long jet black hair falling over her peacock-patterned dressing gown.

“Don’t stand there swooning. Pour me a gin.” I placed the fabric down and went over to her as she sat at the dressing table with its border of glowing light bulbs.

“Haven’t you ever seen a woman before? There was a twinkle in her eye as she watched me slowly open the gin and pour it into a glass. My hands were shaking.

“Have one yourself. Take your coat off.”

She said she’d look at the fabric later.

“But first things first young man. Place your hands on my shoulders. They are aching. That’s the way. You have a lovely touch. Just be a little firmer with your thumbs and fingers.”

I could see us reflected in the mirror. My hands on her shoulders. Her eyes were closed. She looked so relaxed. So beautiful. Then as if by magic her dressing gown fell open revealing her naked body. She clasped my hands and drew them down and crushed them about her breasts.

“Don’t stop lad. Not now.”

Later we were both naked and entwined on what she called her chaise longue.

“You can take it out now. It’s done its business and had its fun and so have I. When I see Kenneth I’ll tell him what a good lad you are. Now get yourself cleaned up. There’s a sink over there and a cloth.”

Standing at the sink washing my privates I glanced at Rose, the famous actress. She was now preparing herself for the evening performance. I realised I had been but a moment’s diversion.

The tannoy sprang to life. “This is you half hour call ladies and gentlemen. Half an hour please thank you.”

As I left her dressing room she handed me the fabric still wrapped in its brown paper. “Don’t forget to take this with you. Tell Kenneth it will suit me very well. I love the rose pattern.”

“But you never saw it”

“No need. Now be on your way.” She smiled and gave me a peck on the cheek.

by @books1799