Two Dozen Roses, a ROSE story by @spacewriting

Reposted from here:

A rose by any other name would smell as sweet, I said. So I called him Graham Thomas and took him to bed with me. His scent was faded by morning, and he lay there, thorny as I teased him. Shall you be Olivia, shall you be Lara? Do you fly on Golden Wings? I saved his number in my phone as Ruby Wishes. I wonder what she wishes for. He told me, rather stiffly, that I was being ridiculous. I told him I was a Free Spirit, but by that time he had to go. As he swung his leg over the balcony I wished him Prosperity, Blessings, a Sunny Sky. After all, Variety is the Spice of Life. And this English Miss is For Your Eyes Only. Stop it now, he said, you’ve gone far enough, and I have to plan our Wedding Celebration tomorrow. Best of Luck, Dream Lover, I called, smirking. What an Elegant Fairy Tale, what a Golden Moment, now shall I be Perpetually Yours, My Sweet Love? Shall I be a Lovely Bride? But then… You Only Live Once, and I have not yet begun to be a Wild Thing, so whilst I am still a young and Pretty Lady… I shall yet savour the Joy of Life. Besides, tomorrow I have tickets to Middlesbrough Football Club.

by @spacewriting