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Antimacassar by @HowlieT

Antimacassar: a small, usually decorative, piece of fabric to keep sofas and arm chairs clean, keeping Macassar (hair oil) confined to one, easily removable and cleanable place. The gate is ornate, wrought iron, pretty but solid, like a doily made by a foundry. The door is ornate too, all solid carved oak, and twiddly bits,


Piratical, Practises by @howlieT

Reposted from here. His boots hit the deck with a thud, just in front of my nose. The cutlass landed, point down, quivering in the deck next to them. My heart pounded, my head fuzzy, too exhausted from the fight to move. Then, a hand made itself clear. A scarred, dirty hand, bejewelled and tattooed.