BRONZE – by The Scribbling Wren @soosietweets

Reposted from here. A torrid tangle of sheets around my feet rouses me. But the morning doesn't quite take me fully from your embrace. I’m not completely awake. You’re still there inside me. Animalistic and all encompassing. Filling me. We’re as one, locked together in a frenzy of flesh until the invisible arms of the


Bronze by Laura M @LauraMullan

Reposted from here. Clara opened the last cupboard door in her father’s house. Ever methodical she had gone from room to room, drawer to drawer, emptying, sorting and dealing with the contents. It had been just a few weeks since he had died, and she was relieved that her father had never been a hoarder


Bronze by Nathan @nathanredland

Reposted from here The tiny R&D lab in the Nevada desert was unusually frenetic. The buzz around top brass was that Professor Lanchester’s project was nearing completion and the professor always got results. “It’s a temporal destabilisation device, General,” he had explained later that day, “attached to the right warhead it will displace a significant