The Cave – by The Scribbling Wren @soosietweets

Reposted from: here Jeez the press are going to have a field day with this lot he thought mulling over the last statement from the group. Mrs Harris. Ancient when she’d taught him at infant school. Unbelievably still going strong. Next up was Mrs Lewis. The youngest so far. They sat in her kitchen. “Right.


CAVE – (The Gutter Prince, Part 3)

Reposted from: here The following morning, John arrived at Sir Richard’s offices bearing more bad news. “It’s from… well, they’re calling themselves ‘The Tunnelers Union.’ They said, well, let’s see,” John fiddled with his spectacles and the crumpled letter he was holding, then read aloud. “To the Directors of the Merrow… oh, that says ‘metropolitan’ I


Cave – by Simon Molloy @iSimonFiction

Reposted from: here Turn thy face and hide thy eyes, Be as a creature in a cave; Take thy self from out the light, For night in darkness all will save; Keep thy self in bleak remove, In silence stay as in a cave; Fear will hold within thy breast, Replacing that which made thee