Edna Black by The Scribbling Wren @soosietweets

Reposted from here. Lives in flats overlooking Victoria Park. Spends her days by the floor to ceiling window, pen in hand. A splendid view across the park, she sits in a gold armchair pointing directly at her telly. A brown leather effect case embossed with the words ‘Radio Times’ (bought in 1982) on her lap.


Citizen by Captain Raz @captainraz

Reposted from here. Everyone in the Commonwealth wants to be a citizen. It means you’re civilized, accepted; you have rights. Only a tiny fraction of the Commonwealth’s inhabitants ever acquire citizenship, and most of them are wealthy. For those born without means the only way to obtain citizenship is through service. Joining the army is


The Lottery by Alex Watts @alexwattsesq

Reposted from here. “Quiet my loves, and I’ll tell you what my mother told me. If you’re very good, and very lucky, and you work very hard you might earn enough one day to afford a lottery ticket, and if you’re very good and very lucky indeed, you might even win. And for a year,