Confidence by Nathan @NathanRedland

Reposted from here. “Doc” Ethan Brunswick’s show rolls into town every few months, but the other townsfolk treat him like he’s the Messiah Himself. He might just be peddling hair tonics, health elixirs and love potions, but for some of these folks he’s the only source of reliable news from out of the county without


Confidence by Captain Raz @CaptainRaz

Reposted from here. Your palms are sweaty, your hands shaking. There is the taste of bile in your throat and if you get through this without vomiting it’ll be a fucking miracle. You don’t need to look in the mirror to know you look like shit; you already know that your face is pale, your


Confidence by Laura M @LauraMullan

Reposted from here. Jane looked up as Lizzie wandered over to her desk. She tried not to frown or look disappointed but she knew that this could only mean one thing – Lizzie wanted a chat over her morning coffee and Jane would have to listen, nod and agree when all she really wanted to