Faith by Wendy @catfink1664

Reposted from here. Lisa sat up in bed and stretched lazily. She pulled on her dressing gown, and shuffling into her slippers she crossed the hall and gently pushed the door open to her mum’s room. “Mum, are you awake?” Her heart sank as she saw her sitting in the window chair, staring vacantly at


Bad Faith by Thom @MrMoth

Reposted from here. Where the music ended and the screams, the applause, ended was impossible to say. A solid wall of heat radiated from the audience to the stage, adolescent lust breaking in foaming waves around his feet. I stared up at him, my eyes glazed with that same longing, damp with frustrated tears. He


Faith, Hope and… by The Scribbling Wren @soosietweets

Reposted from here. A draughty hall, the radiators had been broken for as long as anyone could remember but in the background you could hear water bubbling. A table, one wobbly leg propped with folded paper. It still rocked. Sarah, Edna & Maureen were putting the finishing touches to the new wall hanging for the