Glamour by Laura Mullan @LauraMullan

Reposted from here. ‘I think I’ll call you Roo’ she said, as she twirled he fingers through his greying black beard. He just nodded, astonished that after all the uproar over the past few days such a glamorous woman had knocked at his mother’s door and asked to see him. At least, he assumed that’s


Glamour by Kay Barrett @KayBeeBooks

Reposted from here. Stewart perched on the arm of the sofa and heaved a great sigh. He was becoming despondent. All of his romantic overtures to the beauteous Moira had come to naught. His friends had started to laugh at him; at first in huddles when they thought he wasn’t looking, but now openly. “Mate,” his


GLAMOUR by Nathan @NathanRedland

Reposted from here. Velaruin reclined in his executive leather chair and ran his long, manicured fingernails over the living wood of his desk. He had already rearranged his pens, checked his Instagram likes and declined several party invitations and his eleven o’clock was running three minutes late. The desk phone rang. “Talanuil is here to