Be Nice by Thom @MrMoth

Reposted from here “No one wakes up in the morning thinking ‘I shall be kind to my fellow man today’, do they?” He paced back and forth, boots pressing the grass so hard it did not spring back. “People are, and this is my point, inherently kind. Or, as the case may be, inherently unkind.”


Kindness by Captain Raz @captainraz

Reposted from here It was kindness that did for him in the end. Pity or derision he could have coped with, but it had been so long since he’d experienced genuine kindness he didn’t known how to deal with it. A simple gesture was all it took to undo him completely. In Metropolis no one


KINDNESS – (The Gutter Prince, Part Sixteen) by Nathan @baboonicorn

Continued from part sixteen.  “It was a kindness,” said the nun, rising from prayer as the last few charred strands of warp-briar hedge fell away to reveal Adam, Elizabeth and John standing meekly behind it. “The demon who controlled this man had done so with fatal efficiency.” Introductions summarily dispensed with, Sister Maryam of Old Barnes