Parasite – by Graceless Hippo @jo_forty

Reposted from: here It says I’m worthless, incomplete, Useless, bumbling, two left feet. Not worthy of life, a waste of space. I’m amazed I can even show my face. No need to worry if I end it now. No one would miss me, useless cow. Don’t even flinch telling me a lie. Not worth the truth


PARASITE – (The Gutter Prince, Part 2) by Nathan B @Baboonicorn

Reposted from: here In the rather more refined surroundings of Pall Mall, Sir Richard Trefusis entered the Athenaeum Club amidst a light flurry of snow, his earlier discussion with the Metropolitan Railway navvies still weighing heavy on his shoulders. Failure at this stage would be an utter embarrassment for him, and despite his threats to thedvergar


Lab 57 – by The Scribbling Wren @soosietweets

Resposted from: here After a fortnight off I drove to the University. Not knowing then that it’d be the last time I could. The weekend would see the city grind to a halt. Roads soon impassable as people died behind the wheel or ran out of fuel before they could reach their destination. I found a