The Crematorium by HattySC @hattysc

Reposted from here Sally stood alone at the front of the crematorium chapel.  The pallbearers from the funeral home stood a few pews behind her, the vicar at the front.  He was doing his best, but it was all pretty depressing. She had found letters and books and photographs but nothing had given her much


Relative by Captain Raz @captainraz

Reposted from here It is a well documented fact that time slows down as you approach the speed of light. It was one of the things complicating off-world travel. The other, of course, being that you can’t go faster than the speed of light, at least not without breaking physics in some new and exciting


Relative by Laura M @LauraMullan

Reposted from here Christmas was going to be a real drag this year, Felicity decided. Mother was coming, which meant that the house was actually going to have to be cleaned for once. Not so much for mother’s benefit as she was mostly deaf and completely blind, but because she would be bringing Grace, her