Widdershins by Nathan @NathanRedland

Reposted from here. ***marked for deletion – do not publish under order of the President of the British Arachnological Survey*** Neriene cottingleyii The “faerie-hammock spider,” as it is rather tiresomely known by amateurs and other meddlers, is an unusually large member of the Linyphiidae, sometimes reaching 18 to 20 millimetres in length. N. cottingleyii is almost


Winding Widdershins by Thom @MrMoth

Reposted from here. Wind me widdershins My dear Let me see it all again You have taken my hand Sunwise Dancing As far as we can go Now spin me back A clock Unwinding like hair Time tumbling Down my back Spin me widdershins My love Through every moment passed Eyes like wet glass Teeth


Widdershins by Kay Barrett @KayBeeBooks

Reposted from here. A bright day; a white arm, languid, partially obscured by the row-locks. It was all he could see of her. She trailed her finger in a circle. The water’s surface splintered into shards of light. “Widdershins, widdershins.” He could barely hear her. He shifted his head; one ear was laying against his